Tip 142. Use the Right Reading Pane when working from your Action folders.

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What would happen if you kept all of your to-do’s in only one place? Say in Action folders in your e-mail program? Could you find everything you needed to work on quicker than where they are now?

In Microsoft Outlook 2013, by using the Right Reading Pane view, you are able to see a list of all of the tasks you need to work on by folder. It is kind of like a to-do list except all of the tasks listed in a folder are categorized by a common type of action (such as Read, Call, Pay, etc.). It is very different from the wide range of tasks you normally would have on your to-do list or in your Inbox.

Here is how to open the Right Reading Pane:

1. Click on the View tab on the Ribbon on top.
2. In the Layout group, click on Reading Pane.
3. Click on Right.

For all of you to-do list fanatics that will never give up your lists, fear not, you can still keep them. But now in a more effective way.

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