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A Vetter Way®

To Lead Productive Meetings

What is it:

A Vetter Way®” is a totally interactive, hands-on and experiential, introductory program on how to run meetings. Participants are involved in individual and group exercises allowing them to learn how to facilitate successful meetings and get optimal results from them.

Is this you?

• Attend too many meetings.
• Go to meetings that never should have been called.
• Don’t know how to deal with difficult meeting personality types.
• As a boss, be expected to attend everyone’s meeting.
• Attend poorly facilitated meetings.


• Shorten and eliminate unnecessary meetings.
• Know when and when not to call a meeting.
• Handle difficult meeting personality types.
• Create and utilize forms that will streamline your meetings.
• As a boss, learn how to shorten the time you spend in meetings.

What you will learn:

• Greg facilitates interactive real life scenarios with your group so that they learn the following experientially:

• How to Justify a meeting. (Do we really need to meet?)
• How to Prepare for a meeting. (What do I need to do to get ready?)
• How to Run a meeting. (How can I keep the meeting on track?)
• How to Close a meeting. (Did we accomplish what we wanted?)
• How to handle difficult Meeting Personality types. (How do I handle them?)
• How to use meeting forms including agendas. (Which can I use?)


• One day
• Unlimited attendees.
• Interactive
• Customized to your needs
• On site

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