Tip 208. My professional and expert advice: Stop giving advice.

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Have you noticed that you are constantly being given advice—without ever even asking for it? Kind of like with this tip?

Many people feel the need, to randomly unload impromptu suggestions to anyone within earshot who isn’t following their program of how they believe things should be done. They of course know better than you. As John Mc Laughlin from TV’s The McLaughlin Group would say: Wrong!!!

From a coworker on what you should be working on, to a stranger on how your kids should act in public, to your next-door neighbor on your lawn care, to a biased newscaster opining about an event, to Aunt Sally who tells you…oh never mind. Stop already. Nobody wants to hear it anymore.

What about just taking care of yourself and letting others take care of themselves.

Oh, and one last bit of advice: Stop giving advice.

PS. You’ll know when someone wants advice. They will ask for it.

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