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The facilitator training is highly comprehensive with the facilitators experiencing the training as both participant and trainer.

Five days as a participant:

Initial training. (Facilitators sit in as students.)
Facilitators participate in an initial five-day training along with 10 participants from your organization. This allows them to experience the process as a participant. Greg Vetter leads the training.

Seven days of facilitator training:

1. Two days.
Facilitators are taught the organizational concepts of the A Vetter Way® system. Other items covered are: Overview of the training, the facilitator’s manual, the mechanics of teaching the workshop, facilitating the hands-on days, the 30 day follow up, and the 1 on 1 training. (In a group with other facilitators.)

2. Two days.
Each facilitator leads his or her own two-day workshop with Greg Vetter personally observing. Feedback and coaching are given during breaks, lunch, and after the workshop. (Individually.)

3. Three days.
Facilitators will initially observe and then work with the workshop participants in two Hands-on group organizing days and a 30 day Follow-up. (In a group with other facilitators.)

Facilitation manual:

Each facilitator will receive his/her own facilitation manual. A PowerPoint program for the Two-day workshop and the 1 on 1 training will be provided to assist each facilitator with their training. Additional sets may be leased during your licensing period. Updates to the materials will be provided.

You receive the following:

  • A Facilitator manual directing you through all phases of leading and teaching the A Vetter Way® organizational system.
  • PowerPoint graphics for:
    • The two-day workshop
    • The 1 on 1 training
    • 30 day follow-up
  • Workbook (utilized when participating in theTwo-day workshop).
  • A certificate acknowledging that you have been certified to teach the A Vetter Way® organizational system.


  • Unlimited phone time with Greg with your facilitators is included while you are licensed.
  • The facilitator training takes place at your organization.

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