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• Decrease the time you spend going through your e-mail by 50%.
• Find all information in your paper, e-mail and computer files in fewer than five seconds.
• Eliminate having to figure out what to work on next.
• Be able to completely empty your e-mail Inbox messages daily.
• Use the same system in your office, on the road and at home.
Standardize how your company or department stores and accesses information.
• Eliminate 50% of your interruptions.
• Save up to 2 hours per day.
• Learn the only four places e-mails can go: FADS (Forward, Action, Delete, Save).
• Have a specific, personalized and set system to work from every day.
• Be able to go through and empty your desk Inbox in fewer than 5 minutes.
• Eliminate “piling” systems and keep a paper-free desk, floor and credenza.
• Set up your office layout for maximum productivity.
• Increase the efficiency and productivity of your group, department, or office by 15%.
• Create your own personalized filing system.
• Align your paper, computer, e-mail, travel, and shared files.
• Change your system as your needs change.
• Know how to structure e-mail messages that can be read and understood instantly.
• Be aware of everyone’s work progress since everyone will be using the same work system.
• Learn a simple information and paper flow system: OATS (Outbox, Action, Trash, Save).
• New employees will be up and running in half the time with a standardized information and a work system in place.

And most importantly, learn how to stay in control of your work life!

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