Tip 209. It’s all about the audience getting it.

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Have you ever had a very important speech and were scared silly about how well you would do? As a professional speaker, I have many times.

When I started my speaking career, I joined the National Speakers Association. Concerned about how I would look when I spoke, I asked for help from one of the older members.

Instead of worrying about how you look, he said, focus on ensuring that the audience gets your message. Yeah, but what about me messing up?

At my next speech, my entire focus was on the audience getting the message. Somehow, I forgot all about myself in the process.

If dying is the third greatest fear and speaking is the first, I never want to experience the second, whatever it is. You now know why comediennes say, “I’m dying up here.” Because it is so easy to do.

Remember: It’s all about “Them” getting your message.

Not about “You” looking good.

Happy New Year!

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