Tip 146. Using Search versus using a good filing system

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Which works better? Older or newer technology? The answer seems kind of obvious, but is it?

Years ago, there was a contest on a late night TV show to see which technology could send information quicker. One team texted while the other used Morse code. No contest right? Wrong! The Morse code team won. Newer technology isn’t always faster—or better.

I am guessing that most people would say that using Search in their e-mail program would allow them to find information quicker than using a good filing system. Not always.

Using a good organizational system allows you to find information in a couple of seconds. With some Search programs, every single e-mail (with the word(s) that you entered) will come up. Many times that can be a lot of e-mails to have to look through and a lot of times it takes more than a couple of seconds to find it.

Should you never use the Search button? Of course not. There are many times it can be used very efficiently. But if you happen to be one of those people who save every e-mail that was ever sent to you in your Inbox, don’t expect to find everything in a couple of seconds.

You can expect to, however, if you use the right information storage system.

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