Tip 132. Reply to your e-mail messages later.

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Would you change how you do your e-mail if you could cut the time you spent on it in half?

When someone e-mails you and asks a question, what do you normally do? Answer them—right then. Not, however, if you want to cut the time that you spend going through them in half.

In Microsoft Outlook 2013, create a folder called Reply under your Batched Action folder in the Folder Pane on the left. Rather than replying to your e-mails when you read them, drag them to the Reply folder. Later, after you have finished Processing (categorizing, sorting, prioritizing) all of your e-mails, you can go back to the Reply folder and reply to all of them.

Incredibly, by not replying to them immediately but batching and doing them at the same time, you will cut the time you spend on them in half.

Step right up. We have a winner.

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