Tip 77. Completely empty your e-mail Inbox.

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How many e-mails do you have left in your Inbox when you are done going through it? If the answer is anything other than zero, the next question is “How come?”

Many people work from and out of their e-mail Inbox—the same way they go through their desk Inbox, which is a Bozo no-no.

When you leave an e-mail in your Inbox, that e-mail and all the other e-mails that you didn’t do anything with, other than just look at, will still be sitting there the very next time you check your e-mail. Every time you look at an e-mail you have already looked at is time you are throwing away. Not only that, but after a while, all those critters will start adding up, causing you to have an awful lot of e-mails you have to look through—again and again.

The answer is to make a decision and move each e-mail. There are only four places e-mails can go: FADS (Forward, Action, Delete, Save or Support)

Remember, this time, having none is good!


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