Tip 38. Do not save every e-mail.

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What percentage of your e-mails do you save?

Sadly, some workers believe they are supposed to save every e-mail that is sent to them. And if not every, almost every one. Why?

• They are afraid to say they don’t have it if asked by someone for it.
• They are afraid they will look unprofessional if they can’t produce it.
• They don’t trust their decision making ability.

Here are a couple of daily situations that occur and what to do with them:

When you are Cc’ed:

• Read it.
• Do not respond to it (your name was not under the To).
• Delete it.

Whenever possible, ask to be taken off of a Cc list when you can. When you are asked a question:

• Reply to it.
• Delete it.

You can’t save everyone (or for that matter, every e-mail that you receive).

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