Tip 107. Repeat the sounding Joy. Answer with a repetitive e-mail response.

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How many times do you reply to an e-mail using the same response? When someone asks, “How are you?” you might typically answer, “Fine thanks. And you?” Imagine if you could train your e-mail to respond to FAQs using the same answer.

Eureka! You can. Here’s how.

1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
2. Open an e-mail message.
3. Click on the Message tab on the Ribbon on the top.
4. In the Respond Group, click on the Reply icon.
5. Next click on the Signature icon. A drop down box will appear.
6. Click on Signatures.
7. A Signatures and Stationery dialogue box will appear.
8. Click on the e-mail Signature tab.
9. This is where you get to create and type your response.
10. Click on the New button. A dialogue box will appear.
11. Type in the name you want to call your response such as “Unsubscribe.”
12. Now go to the open box on the bottom and type in your message such as “For the hundredth time, would you please unsubscribe me from your e-mails? Have a nice day.”
13. Click the OK button.

Now, when you want to unsubscribe from receiving an e-mail:

1. Open the e-mail.
2. Click on Reply.
3. Go to Signatures, click on it
4. When a drop-down menu appears, click on Unsubscribe.
5.Click on Send.

Instant repetition plus an un-subscription.

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