Tip 119. Take a stroll rather than a scroll.

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(Sung to the tune of the TV show Rawhide, also featured in The Blues Brothers movie.)

♫Scrolling. Scrolling. Scrolling. Keep them e-mails going. Gee my fingers swollen. Rawfingers.♫

Three questions:

1. Do you store e-mails in your Inbox?
2. Do you work from your Inbox?
3. Do you constantly scroll through e-mails in your Inbox?

If you happened to answer Yes to any or all three of the questions (OMG) above, you might want to reconsider how you work.

Every time you scroll up or down (Processing information), you waste time that could have been used to accomplish a task (Produce work.)

Instead, when you look at an e-mail, make a decision and move it to one of four places: FADS.

• Forward it to someone.
• Drag it to an Action folder you created in the window on the left.
• Delete it.
• Save it to one of your Support Category folders in Windows Explorer.

Remember, Scroll is not Norwegian for “To your health!” It is the computer word for “Wasting time!”

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