Tip 200. Repair a Microsoft Office problem.

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Do you ever see rotating circles on your screen when using a Microsoft program such as Word or Outlook? How about pink elephants after a night on the town?

Problem: Rotating circles

Solution: Do a Quick Repair.

1. In Windows 7, left click the round Start button on the bottom left of your screen on your Taskbar.
2. A pop-up menu will pop up.
3. Find Control Panel on the right hand side and left click on it.
4. A new page will open with icons on it.
5. Find Programs and Features and left click on it to open it.
6. A new page will open with a listing of all of the programs you have on your computer.
7. Find the Microsoft Office software program that you use such as Microsoft Office Home and Business
8. Right click on it.
9. A dialogue box will open up with two options, Uninstall and Change.
10. Click on Change.
11. A dialogue box will open with two options, Quick Repair and Online Repair.
12. Click on Quick Repair.
13. On the bottom of the page, click on the Repair button.

Problem: Seeing pink elephants

Solution: Stop drinking so much and stay home once in a while.

Great! Now that you have saved money from not needing a computer repair visit, you can go out on the town and celebrate.


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