Tip 92. Underscore the files you want to save.

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How often do you go through your computer files and completely clean them out? I know, next question.

Years ago, while working at a company, a non-training participant whisked me over to his desk to brag about its cleanliness. Curious as to his motivation, I asked if I could take a look in his desk drawer. As I went to open one, a scream of “Noooooooooo” could be heard three floors above and below us. I guess he didn’t want me to look.

Messy desks no longer seem to be the rage. After all, you can only stack so much paper on your desk before it will topple over. No such problem with the computer though. You can pack that baby with everything you own, maxing out every byte of memory. And the best part? No one ever knows your little secret.

From now on, use an underscore on files you want to save. Every time you open a file (and want to save it) in one of your Support Categories in Windows Explorer/My Documents, put an underscore in front of it such as _Phone expenses. That way, you will know which files you have looked at and decided to save. Additionally, using an underscore will move those files to the top of the page making them easier to find.

Eventually you will have underscored files on the top and files on the bottom that you haven’t looked at in a very long time. Guess what you get to do with the ones on the bottom?

Here’s to a clean desk, make that, a clean computer, in the New Year!

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