Tip 192. Hire someone who likes to change.

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Do you like to change?

Surprisingly, many people say they do. I am not so sure. After 30 years in the change business what may be truer is: “I like change…as long as it’s someone else who is doing the changing.”

Years ago when I was running a 36 million dollar telecommunications region, most people were hiring workers who had experience. Not me. I was hiring people with an attitude—a great attitude. With the right attitude, I could train them to be top salespeople.

Today if I were hiring, not only would a great attitude be needed, but more importantly, a willingness to change. Why? Because brothers and sisters, we are knee deep in change and the river, it is arising with even more change.

The next time you are ready to hire someone, ask them if they like to change. When they say yes, ask them to name five things that they successfully changed in the last year. Believe me. That will be one interesting story.

“Change? We don’t need no stinkin’ change.”

Maybe we do.

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