Tip 176. When you go on vacation, leave your troubles behind.

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Can you leave your work behind when you go on vacation? Not to mention all of your technology too?

Today, your troubles are not only your concerns, issues, and worries, but also your work, laptop, brief case, and smartphone.

Vacation comes from the Latin word vacate (at least it sounds pretty good). Vacate not only from your physical premises, but also from your mental ones.

When you’re always busy, your life flies by so quickly that you hardly have time to notice you have lost it. Some even classify it as an addiction—no different from a video game, drug, sex, debt, gambling, or eating addiction. Today the scary part is that it’s kind of hard to tell that you are addicted when so many others are doing the same thing.

Say it with me, “Vay-cate.”

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