Tip 12. Slow down.

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What’s the rush?

Have you noticed you don’t have enough time to get everything done? Guess what? You’re not supposed to. Why are you buying into the belief that you are?

Why this obsession with always having to be busy, to be on the go, to be doing something? What are you afraid of missing? Or do you know that if you stay so busy, you won’t have time to feel that deep hurt inside that you don’t want to feel.

Being busy doesn’t always mean being productive. It can also mean being exhausted, compulsive, mechanical, addicted, and joyless. Worse yet, it can mean not dealing with issues in your life. If you are always busy, you never have time to feel.

Isn’t it finally time to slow down and feel what you have always been afraid to feel?

To feel is to heal.

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