Tip 184. Lead with the model of having time.

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As a leader, how much quality time do you spend sitting around and thinking?

During a session with a Fortune 50 VP of Manufacturing, my client casually mentioned that what he really wanted to do, just once in a while, was look out of the window and spend some quality time thinking and planning. He then stated he couldn’t because he didn’t have the time.

As I sat there pinching my leg, hoping to awaken myself from this terrifying dream, a wild urge came over me to lean over the desk, shake my client silly and ask him why the heck he thought he couldn’t. Sitting in front of me was one of the country’s most powerful VPs yet he believed he didn’t have time to just sit and think.

If he couldn’t make the time, who could in his organization? The answer, unfortunately, was no one.

Management today simply doesn’t feel as if they have the time to work on proactive tasks.

If you aren’t working on them, don’t be surprised if your people aren’t either.

Monkey see, monkey do.

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