Tip 185. Set up a performance review every six months with your employees.

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How long does it take you to do a performance review for a new employee? Or rather, do you ever do one?

When a new employee is hired, set up appointments on your calendar to conduct a one, three, six, and twelve-month review with him or her. Employees can’t change what they aren’t aware of. Neither can they read your mind. No one likes having the boom lowered on them, especially if they haven’t been warned.

Reviews can be short and simple. It’s a great time to clarify what you expect. It’s also a great time to ask for their feedback unless you consistently win Boss of the Year.

So many misunderstandings, resentments, and issues can be resolved if you take this simple action. It just may decrease your turnover.

Who knows? You may actually get what you’ve always wanted from your employees. Perish the thought!

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