Tip 202. Ob-tain. Tr-ain. Main-tain. (OTM)

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Are you happy with the level of your employee’s production? Most people would say no. If not, what are you doing about it? Or have you just rolled over and accepted it?

There are three aspects needed to insure maximum work output from your workers.

1. Obtain. Hire the right person.

You can spend thousands, make that millions of dollars on training and provide the absolute, best work environment possible, yet if you hire the wrong person, they will never produce what you want.

Step one. Get the right person. This is the most important part of employee production.

2. Train. Spend time teaching your employees how to do their job.

How many employees are rushed into a job to fill a vacancy? How many are trained by someone who doesn’t understand how to train? Not the ideal way for a new hire to begin a new job yet it happens all of the time.

New employees need time to learn their job. You need to follow-up with them weekly with a Q and A and feedback. A series of reviews (not just an annual review), a job description, a priority statement, and intermediate and advanced training is necessary.

Today employees are expected to produce twice as much work with half the work force with little or no training with a bazillion things trying to interrupt them. It simply doesn’t work—and if it does, it won’t for long. Ask them what they need and then get them trained on it. They know.

Step two. Use someone who understands how to train, find out how each of your people learn, and then train them in their learning style.

3. Maintain. Provide a healthy work environment.

I never believed you could motivate an employee—especially if it was the wrong one (see #1). Employees are raring to go or they aren’t. What you can provide is a healthy, safe, friendly, stable, drama-free work environment. Do that and your company will be in the top 10 percentile of work production.

Step three. Let everyone benefit from and enjoy your organization’s culture. Side note: Get everyone involved in your sales and reward them based on your p/l statement.

Instead of, “O-E-O, E-O-O”, how about “O-T-M”, Ka-ching?

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