Tip 193. Have your interviewee show you.

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Have you ever hired the wrong admin? Was it because they said they could perform a task in the interview and you later found out they couldn’t? But how could you have really known for sure?

Have them perform the task for you.

Interviews are about asking questions, checking references, and getting a sense of compatibility. Then, having everyone talk with them so no one gets blamed for a poor hire.

How will you know that they are able to do what you need them to do? Because they did it in another job with another boss? Are you really willing to trust that?

An example would be to ask them what organizational system they use. Ask them to thoroughly explain how it works (boy will you be surprised at what they say). Next, give them an admin problem and ask them to explain, step by step, how they would handle it (better yet, have them show you). Then give them a computer task and ask them to do it (actually watch them). The task needs to be what you will expect them to do in their job.

There is nothing more valuable than watching someone actually do what they are supposed to be doing before you hire them.

Unfortunately, few people hire this way.

Your turnover rate will drop if you hire this way.

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