Tip 129. Use your To-Do Bar so your Calendar and appointments are visible.

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Did you know that in Outlook 2013, you have a To-Do Bar that is actually a Calendar with a list of appointments?

Here’s how to open it:

1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2013.
2. Click on the View tab on the Ribbon at the top. A grouping of icons will appear.
3. Click on the To-Do Bar icon in the Layout group. As you do, a drop-down box will appear.
4. Click only on Calendar (not on People or Tasks).

Suddenly, on the right side of your screen, a new window will appear which is your To-Do Bar (Calendar). You can view any date in the current month with just one click on the date. In addition, a listing of your appointments will appear under the Calendar.

Seeing is believing.

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