Tip 51. Process your e-mail messages. Don’t do them.

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Does it seem to take just a little bit longer each time you go through your e-mail? Is it because you are getting more e-mails or perhaps because you were never taught how to go through them?

There is a better way. In fact there is A Vetter Way®.

Going through your e-mail Inbox is similar to going through your desk Inbox. You need to make a decision (Process) regarding the e-mail rather than working on (Produce) or doing the e-mail.

Processing means deciding, categorizing, prioritizing and dragging the e-mail to the appropriate Action folder—and working on it later. Doing means reading, working on, or replying to it right then.

Why shouldn’t you work on them right then? Ironically, because it takes a lot longer when you Process information and Produce work at the same time. Just the opposite of what most of us believe.

Yet another example proving that multitasking (Processing information and Producing work at the same time) isn’t productive.

Merry Christmas!

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