Tip 112. There are basically two reasons for using e-mail.

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How can you abuse e-mail? Let me count the ways.

Sending jokes, copying everyone in the known universe, playing e-mail tag, and e-mailing rather than calling are just a few.

The following are the main reasons to send an e-mail:

1.Sending documents and files.

Probably the greatest benefit of e-mail is being able to send a file or document instantly to someone. It’s the Post Office without the attitude, lines, cost, and wait. Have you ever heard of a computer “going postal”?

2.Efficiently sending information to a large number of people.

Obviously, e-mail allows you to notify a large group of people very efficiently. However when you hit the Reply to All or “Button of Doom,” as I call it, you are treading on dangerous ground. It gives new meaning to the terms “information overload,” “CYA,” and “information bytes” (it sure does). Strings of seemingly never-ending e-mails continually circulate throughout a company’s network, many never to be answered.

Sometimes it is better to let your fingers do the walking—to your phone.

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