Tip 110. Use a different e-mail template for your coworkers.

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Would you really want to start off an e-mail to a potential customer with the following at the top of the page?

I need you to do this:

Probably not if you want to keep their business. You may, however, want to use it with your employees so they would know exactly what you needed them to do.

In Microsoft Outlook you can use different e-mail templates depending on the situation.

Here’s how to use a different e-mail template that you created:

1. Open Outlook.
2. On the Ribbon on the top, click on the Home tab.
3. Go to the New group.
4. Click on the New Items icon. A drop down menu will magically appear.
5. Click on E-mail Message Using.
6. The various e-mail templates that you created (by changing your Signature) will appear on the right.
7. Click on the desired template named, say, Co-workers.

Viola! The next time you want to send an e-mail to anyone else, click on the New E-Mail Message icon that you normally would do when sending an e-mail and your old e-mail template will magically appear.

As Roy Rogers and Dale Evans would sing: ♫Happy e-mails to you, until we tweet again.♫

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