Tip 11. Gear your behavior to be both goal-producing and tension-reducing.

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Are you constantly engaging in activities that only reduce your tension? If you are, have you ever wondered why you aren’t getting more results?

With every activity you get to choose: reduce tension or produce work.

Fortunately, with some activities, you’re able to do both, such as working out at the gym. You reduce your tension level and build a strong, healthy body at the same time. (I think Wonder Bread did that too!)

Why then, would you continue to waste your precious time with only tension-reducing activities?

The next time you reach for that bag of potato chips (munch), plop down in front of the TV (veg) or sip on another brewski (gulp or should that be chug?), you just may want to ask yourself what you’re producing.

Hopefully, it’s not just fat.

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