Tip 171. If you have too much on your plate, tip it.

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When was the last time you spent a quiet evening at home?

With information doubling, our personal RAM at a saturation point, being connected 24/7, and trying to fit more activities into our weekly schedule than a contestant on Supermarket Sweep tries to stuff into their shopping cart, it’s time to stop.

We’ve done a magnificent job of overcomplicating our already overcomplicated lives. Simplify. Do less. Disconnect. Unplug. Take that smartphone ear plug out before it becomes permanently attached.

“Be” for a while, instead of always “Doing.” Waste some time. (Gulp! Did I say that?) Slow down; your life will be over soon enough. It’s going by a lot faster than you think. You are no longer 25.

The only items that will fall off are the ones that are supposed to. Now take a deep breath and tip that plate.

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