Tip 88. Use a five step approach to speaking

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Why do you enjoy listening to some speakers while others put you into a Dumbo Doze? Could it be because they know a secret that the others don’t?

The next time you find yourself in front of a crowd, at least one that you are speaking to, use the following 5 steps:

1. Hook them.

Get them interested in what you are saying by asking questions that they want or need an answer to. You will grab the majority of the audience’s attention by asking three different questions. They will actually want to hear your solutions now that you have teased them.

2. Give them a consequence for not taking an action.

After you have their attention, alert them to what will happen if they don’t do what you said. Basic cause and effect stuff that they need to be reminded of. For example, “If you don’t exercise, your blood will solidify in your body and then explode.” Nothing like adding a motivational element to really perk up your audience’s interest.

3. Tell them what they are going to learn.

Many people learn best by understanding the big picture— rather than with pieces of disjointed information randomly flung at them. Outline your points so they can understand the exciting adventure you are about to take them on. “Tonight, you will learn these three amazing things…”

4. Tell them how to do it.

This is the nuts and bolts part. Unfortunately for many speakers, this is their entire speech. A big how-to do something. Not much of a set up to get the audience interested and excited about what will be said. Yawn!

5. Tell them what you just told them and call them to action.

Some of us are having trouble with our short term memory so nothing like an update of what was just said 30 minutes ago. After summarizing the points you just gave them, give them a simple action that will get them up and running to solve their problem.

Some of us are having trouble with our short term memories so nothing like an update of what was just written a sentence ago.

Was I supposed to get up and run?

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