Tip 188. Hire your missing skill.

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Do you just like to plan a task or a project, but hate to implement it?

Welcome to the club! It sounds as if you desperately need an Implementer.

Why not hire, contract with, or find someone who is good at what you aren’t?

Any shuddering, rapid breathing or sweaty palms while reading the words below are a dead give-away for activities that you need help with.

• Planning
• Implementing
• Researching
• Coordinating
• Selling
• Presenting
• Training
• Accounting

Don’t forget that a lot of people love to do what you hate to do. What skill do you need to find that will make you a lot happier… and even more productive?

Hire it, rent it, buy it, or beg for it as fast as you can. Then notice how much more work you get done now that you are doing what you really like to do.

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