Tip 67. Set up the same four Action Categories in your file drawer as you have in your e-mail system.

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Q: Should you use manila folders or hanging folders with your paper system?

A: Hanging folders. In the long run, they are cheaper and don’t fall apart. You can also find a tab on a hanging folder much quicker than on a manila folder.

Here are some rules for your Action Category hanging folder system in your file drawer:

• The folders used are letter size hanging folders.

• All folders are always yellow. Why yellow? It’s a bright and cheery color. (You can always use the old, drab, military, standard green colored ones if you want. Bah humbug!) Note: Each Support Category will be in a different colored folder other than yellow.

The following go five tabs across the hanging folder:

• 1-5

• 1-31

• January–December

• A,B,C. Place tab A on far left, tab B in middle, C on far right of hanging folders.

• All others start and go on the far left side, and go from the front to back alphabetically:

The A, B, and C hanging file folders are stapled shut. They are used as guides only with each To Do task going into a separate hanging folder behind one of them. The empty hanging folders are stored in the front of the drawer right before the To Do #1 hanging folder.

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