Tip 24. Just say no.

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Don’t you just love being solicited on the phone for a donation? You want to say yes but you already gave at the office and for that matter, everywhere else.

My favorite is: “We are collecting money for your local law enforcement agency. (It always feels as if not getting that sticker increases your chances of being pulled over and ticketed.)

Normally, when asked to contribute, you politely say “No Thank You.” No longer. The next time someone calls, and asks, simply say…”No.” That’s it, just “No.” A deafening quiet will follow with the caller not quite sure of what they just heard. It feels weird to just say no but it feels so powerful. Almost as if you actually had a say in your own life.

How many times have you said yes to someone this week when what you really wanted to say was no?

Say it now with me: “No.”

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