Tip 183. Use a checklist form to streamline your work processes.

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How many times during the day do you reinvent the wheel when you don’t need to?

Instead, create a checklist that lists the steps of your repetitive tasks. The form will remember everything you need to do—so you won’t have to.

Set up the checklist numerically by listing major steps with minor steps under the major ones. The goal of the form is to have as many of the possibilities listed as possible so that all you will have to do is check a box □ or fill in a date / /2020.

Example: □
□ 1. Create the plan of operations
□ 1. Set up a list of attendees
□ 2. Prepare the outline for the meeting
□ 3. Call the attendees
□ 1. Left messages / /2020
□ Everyone called
□ 2. People who aren’t coming:
□ 2. Brainstorm

Not only do you save a lot of time but you also will never miss a step.

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