Tip 181. Reduce the number of products you sell.

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Have you ever eaten at a restaurant with an endless number of menu items?

Think about the logistics needed to serve 100 items. The ordering, receiving and stocking of deliveries, the capital needed for inventory, the training, the personnel, and the knowledge needed to prepare and cook all of the items. Basically, a logistics nightmare.

Now compare that with a restaurant that only has four items. How much easier and cost effective would that operation be?

I remember when McDonalds started many years ago with a limited menu: hamburgers (15 cents), fries, sodas and shakes.

After they perfected their work processes, and only when they did, and after establishing a regular customer base, they gradually added more menu items, one at a time, very slowly and deliberately.

How is your operation? Do you have too many items (products or services) on your menu?

Maybe it is time for a diet.

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