Tip 175. Leave ten minutes earlier for your morning commute.

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Would you be willing to throw ten minutes away on your morning commute?

Think about your drive to work. When was the last time you really enjoyed it? For many people, it’s simply a race to arrive on time. If that wasn’t bad enough, think how you feel when an emergency is thrown at you just as you walk in the door. (“No doctor, no unusual stress. Just the normal day-in-day-out stress that is turning my brain into mush. Why do you ask?”)

Imagine how pleasant your drive would be if you had plenty of time and no cares in the world (all right, I am stretching it a bit) as you watch other cars maneuver for position and cut one another off.

By giving yourself those extra ten minutes, you’ll actually be able to enjoy your commute and experience the present. Who knows? You may even stop using your smartphone.

You’ve got to give to get. Ten will get you a lot more later on.

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