Tip 16. Set up your day around your Quiet Time

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How much critical thinking or planning time do you spend during the day? How much?

Take 20% of your work day (the 80/20 rule) and spend it in a Quiet Time. A QT is an uninterrupted time when your door is shut and you are totally unplugged. That means surviving without your e-mail, smartphone, or cell for a short time. You will actually get a lot of work done without the constant interruptions. Imagine that.

Work on important and impactful tasks, tasks due in the future which can be done now, on steps from a Project, and on tasks that you have never have made time to work on before.

Create a block of time from time that you generally don’t think you have. In other words, make the time to do your QT every day. Set up your day around your QT instead of trying to fit your QT in at the end of the day. It won’t fit.

In one to three months you will be amazed when you have time to work on important tasks that you never seemed to have time to work on before.

There is absolutely nothing you can do during the day that is more important than this to increase your productivity.

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