Tip 116. Be sassy and reply with “Do I really need this?

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How many Cc’ed e-mails do you receive that you shouldn’t? What do you do about them other than grumble and delete them (or worse, leave them in your Inbox)?

You would never want to hurt someone’s feelings and tell them you didn’t need the e-mail, would you? Maybe it’s time to do something.

Take the back of your right hand, put it on your forehead and say, “Poor me! What can I do? There are just too many of them.” Then, when you are done playing victim, send a “Do I really need this?” reply. That should stir up the pot some.

Why are they sent?

• Some people feel as if they are helping you.
• A lot believe that they are supposed to be sending them.
• A few are just lazy.
• A bunch are playing CYA.
• Many are overwhelmed and just don’t think about it.

None of the above reasons matter. You will still receive the dopey things, and lose valuable time until you say no.

Go ahead. Make your day…with a reply.

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