Tip 14. Produce work three times a day.

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How many times a day do you have to stop and think what you need to do next? Imagine having a work system that thinks for you, keeps you on track, and allows you to Produce a lot more work.

Producing is creating results and accomplishing work. It’s what you’re paid to do. It’s the opposite of Processing (sorting, categorizing, and prioritizing) information. Every day, Produce by working on each of your Action Categories:

  1. Batched – similar tasks that can be worked on and done together. Think of an assembly line.
  2. Calendar – tasks that can only be done today, or on a certain date, or in a certain month. Do not put tasks that are due in the future in here.
  3. To Do – Important and impactful tasks that you never seem to do. Tasks that have a due date that can be done before their due date. A step of a Project. Do these in your (QT) Quiet Time every day.

When you Process, Process. When you Produce, only Produce.

Doing the three, will make you free.

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