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E-mail and Computer Organization

This can either be a one day or half-day workshop that teaches your people a simple system for managing their e-mail and computer files. In the workshop, your employees will set up their own information storage system in their computers and create their own daily work system in their e-mail programs allowing them to start using their system immediately.

Standardizing Your Information Storage System

Imagine everyone in your group, department or organization using the same system to store and access information. Shared drives and Centralized files are standardized allowing everyone to find information in seconds. New employees are taught a specific way to store information allowing them to be productive in a much shorter time.

Standardizing Your Work Systems

Imagine receiving fewer e-mail and having to attend fewer meetings. The ultimate level of work is accomplished when your organization standardizes its work processes, systems, and procedures. When everyone works using the same methodology, recreating the wheel becomes a thing of the past. Management has clearly defined and specific routines. New employees are up and running in record time. Productivity increases.

Eliminating Your Gray Areas

This is an interactive workshop where participants from various departments, areas or divisions, learn how to eliminate the gray areas between their groups. Wasted time practices, confusing communications, departmental blaming and tasks that drop through the cracks are some of the areas that are addressed.

1 ON 1s

Executive Focus Coaching

This is a one on one, focus session, utilizing a priority exercise that identifies your executive’s key activities. A valuable technique is taught that allows them to monitor and focus where they need to be in order to successfully drive their organization.

Organizational Training

A One-on-One organizational training allows an individual to learn in an optimal environment. The training is 100% hands on, taught in your learning style, at your learning speed, with your personal items and your work, in the privacy of your office.

Organizational Skype Training

This training allows an individual to learn long distance using Skype. With today’s technology I can work with you in your office with no travel charges, with only one hour sessions, and at a reduced rate.



Computer, E-mail, and Paper Organization

The most value occurs when all five segments of the training are utilized. You can choose all or some:

  1. The Category Creation day.
  2. The Two-day workshop.
  3. The Group Hands-on organizing day and/or 1-on-1 day.
  4. The 30-day follow-up.
  5. Follow-up calls.

Our work with past clients has shown that the greatest results have occurred when all five segments have been utilized in their training.

A. Category Creation Day

This is a one-day workshop with a selected group of employees who come up with an agreed upon naming system for storing information. The goal is to standardize how information is stored in your group or organization, meaning the same system is used everywhere (electronic and paper). Besides having all employees on the same page, future employees will be up and running at a much quicker rate due to an agreed upon, preset information system that is already in place.

B. Workshop

This is a hands-on, two-day organizational workshop that teaches your people how to get organized and be productive in the workplace. It assists them in creating a system of how to store and accesses information with their paper, with their e-mail and with their computer. It also teaches them a system of how to work both in and out of the office.

C. Group Hands-on Training

After the workshop, each participant sets up their new system in their office. Two weeks later, I come in and work with the participants in their offices to review and finish setting up their systems, answer questions, and deal with personal challenges. I work with the group, going from person to person, in each person’s office.


C. 1 on 1 Training

The other option is to work 1 on1 with each person and complete their office, computer and e-mail reorganization. Doing the Group Hands-on, or the 1 on 1 is especially important for those employees who learn experientially. The 1 on 1 produces the best results.

D. Follow up day

The entire group meets thirty days after the 1 on 1 or Hands-on days, which gives the participants time to experience and use their system in the real world. There is a Q and A session, a quiz, and a tour of everyone’s office which insures each person’s accountability.
Additional one-on-one time is spent with those who need more time.