Tip 13. Process information only three times a day.

Tip 13. Process information only three times a day.

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How many times a day do you check your e-mail? Today an average person checks an electronic device 150 times in 24 hours. Hi, boys and girls. Can you say “interruption”? I knew you could.

Processing information consists of prioritizing, categorizing, sorting, organizing, and deciding. It is never, ever doing. Real work is never accomplished by Processing information (e-mail, voice mail, texts and Inbox) even though many workers believe that they are Producing work when they are opening, looking at, and forwarding texts and e-mails. Perhaps they are working but many times aren’t Producing.

Go through and Process all incoming information three times a day—first thing in the morning, (before you start work or attend one of those wonderful and fulfilling meetings), after lunch, and finally late in the afternoon.

By the way, doing this means eliminating multitasking (Producing work and Processing information at the same time) from your day.

Process information only three times a day and watch your Productivity skyrocket.

♫ Skyrockets in flight. Morning, lunch and afternoon Processing delight. ♫

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