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A Vetter Way®

To Work In The 21st Century

A Vetter Way® is a totally interactive, hands-on computer and office organizational training that enables you to create your own information storage system allowing instant access to your paper, e-mail and computer files. It also allows you to create a flexible organizational system of how to work, both in and out of the office. The training guarantees that you will be able to go back to your computer and office and totally set them up using your new system.

Is this you?

  • Too many e-mails in your Inbox with no real system of how or where to store them.
  • Never seeming to finish a task, much less, work on important ones.
  • A feeling of being out of control and a sense of being overwhelmed.
  • Drowning in too much information.
  • No standard system for storing information in your paper, e-mail, computer and travel files.


  • Cut the time you spend going through your e-mail in half.
  • Save 1-2 hours per day.
  • Find all information in 5 seconds.
  • Standardize information storage in your department or company using one system.
  • Eliminate 50% of your interruptions.
  • Use the same system, rather than the many you now use, to store information and work.
  • Create your own personalized filing system and work system.
  • Have a specific, personalized and set system to work from every day.
  • Eliminate “piling” systems and keep a paper-free desk, floor and credenza.
  • Align your paper, computer, e-mail, travel, home office and long term storage files.
  • Be able to use the system both at the office and at home.
  • Be able to go through and empty your In Box in 5 minutes or less.
  • And most importantly, it’s allows you to STAY IN CONTROL!

Training options:

The most value occurs when all five segments of the training are utilized. You can choose all or some:

  1. The Category Creation day.
  2. The Two-day workshop.
  3. The Group Hands-on organizing day and/or 1-on-1 day.
  4. The 30-day follow-up.
  5. Follow-up calls.

Our work with past clients has shown that the greatest results have occurred when all five segments have been utilized in their training.

1. Category Creation day

Your goal is to standardize how information is stored in your company or organization. That means the same system is used everywhere (electronic or paper). Besides having all employees on the same page, future employees will be up, running, and productive at a much quicker rate due to a preset information system in place.

Greg facilitates an interactive exercise with a select group of your people to determine the Categories that will be used. Time permitting, standardization of other work systems and processes will be discussed and determined during the day.

  • One day.

2. Two-day workshop

The basic concepts of organization are taught utilizing exercises and theory.

  • Two-day workshop.

3. Group Hands-on organizing

These hands-on days involve each workshop participant going back to their office and setting it up with their new system. Greg works with each person in their office and then moves on to the next, working from person to person. Participants learn best by doing rather than just listening in a workshop.

  • Varies.


3. One-on-one training

For really “getting it,” nothing beats working one-on-one with Greg. A One-on-one training is 100% hands on, taught in your learning style, at your learning speed, with your personal items and your work, in the privacy of your office.

• One or two days.

4. 30 day Follow-up day

Thirty days after the training, there is a Q and A session, a quiz, and a tour of everyone’s office insuring accountability and time permitting, additional 1 on 1 time for individuals who need it.

  • One day.

5. Follow-up calls

Thirty days after the Follow-up day, Greg and the group, via Skype or phone, meet to discuss the group’s challenges and its progress. Nothing ensures training retention and higher productivity than concept review and accountability over a period of time.

  • One hour sessions every three months for a year.


  • The workshop is on site and customized to your needs and organization.
  • Each participant receives a 50 page workbook.
  • Greg Vetter personally leads every workshop.
  • Greg personally calls every participant after the workshop to check on their progress.
  • Unlimited free telephone time is available with Greg after the workshop for questions.

Workshop exercises:

Participants will:

  • Set up their Action Category hanging folder file drawer and take it back to their office.
  • Set up their information storage system in their computer.
  • Set up their work system in their e-mail program.
  • Go through their papers during an Inbox exercise.
  • Create their Category names to use with their filing and storage system.


If you work with paper, you will want to set up the hanging folder system. Colored hanging folders are used with the paper part of the system and will need to be purchased.

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