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In many organizations, problems are caused by faulty work processes or systems, not faulty people. To create a successful and smooth-running operation, you must separate the process from the people.

Processes are comprised of a series of actions designed to create a result. All work is a process, although many workers don’t think of it that way. Why add more people (or worse overwork them) in order to fix the problem instead of just fixing the process? Fix the process instead of the people.

We fix the processes

Think of the many different ways a simple task is performed in your company. On the computer, in an office, in a lab, in the maintenance area, or even the stockroom. Then multiply each task by the number of employees. Many times, that’s the number of different ways the task will be accomplished. Now imagine those tasks being accomplished in the same, standardized and efficient way.

Imagine if everyone in your company processed information the same way: paper, e-mail, voice mail, computer files, shared drive files and even long term storage files…and then were able to find everything in seconds. Employees could use the same system to store and access information regardless of its source. When someone was on vacation, out sick, on the road, was fired or quit, anyone in the office could retrieve their information instantly. Accessing and understanding their information storage system and what they had been working on would be easy. Simply put: More work produced in less time.

How we fix them

Greg will come in and teach your group how to maximize your overlooked processes and procedures. He will teach you how to:

• Identify common tasks and create standardized systems to accomplish them.
• Eliminate having to “reinvent the wheel” every time a task is given to an employee since everyone will be doing it the same way.
• Eliminate gray areas that cause confusion and frustration.
• Enable new employees to be up and running and start producing almost immediately since work and storage systems are already established.
• Create flow action processes and systems that eliminate common mistakes.
• Combine and eliminate forms.
• Greatly increase your organization’s productivity.

Your productivity will increase because you will be using a well thought out, standardized, and easy to use system, that you helped create and that everyone there will be using.

A few we have done

Improvement processes our clients have developed using this system:

• Product storage system created and workflow streamlined for chemists in a Coca-Cola plant lab.
• Accountability and follow up work flow forms for a rental company.
• Floor design and space layout for a printing company.
• Project flow sheets for jobs for mechanical engineers.
• Location shoot work system for a CNN TV producer.
• A customer flow system form for a Real Estate agent.



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