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Is this you?

  • Hundreds (or thousands) of e-mails cluttering up your e-mail Inbox.
  • Never seem to have time to get caught up, organized and productive.
  • Need help with an e-mail or computer organizational issue.
  • Want to learn the latest productivity e-mail techniques.
  • Just need a quick, inexpensive fix.


  • Save at least an hour a day learning the latest tips and techniques.
  • Find information in 5 seconds.
  • Get started with as little as a 1 hour session.
  • Save 50% over the cost of working with Greg in person.
  • You choose the session topic or you can follow the complete training outline.

The Process

One-on-one personalized coaching allows you to experience and design an easy-to-use personalized work system and information storage system.

New service

Vetter Productivity has a new and economical service: 1 on 1 Organizational Skype Training. With today’s technology Greg can work with you in your office with no travel charges and at a reduced rate.


  • For really “getting it,” nothing beats working 1 on 1, hands-on with your learning style, at your learning speed, and with your work issues.
  • One of your “take aways” is setting up a “work system” in your e-mail program and an information storage system in Windows Explorer.
  • The basic concepts of the A Vetter Way® organizational system are taught utilizing exercises and theory.
  • Set up as many or as few sessions as you want at your convenience.
  • Accountability is key. Best results occur when our clients choose to learn and to be held accountable over a period of time.

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