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1. Sort

  • Determine what items are needed in a work area from those that aren’t.
  • Create extra work space, make work flow more visible, and improve productivity, safety, and quality.
  • Discard unnecessary materials.

Sort A Vetter Way®

  • All paper, items, etc. always go into the Inbox first rather than on any surface.
  • Create a paper information flow.
  • A five-step process is used to sort the information (OATS) in the desk Inbox.
  • Create an electronic information flow.
  • From the e-mail Inbox, all information is sorted using the FADS system.
  • Once a year, all files in your computer, e-mail, smartphone, and file drawers are gone through, decided on, and cleaned out.
  • Separate your Action (tasks to do) items from your Support (information that you will reference and save) items.


2. Set In Order

  • Keep necessary items in the correct place to allow for easy and immediate retrieval.
  • Eliminate the need to search for tools and supplies, improve safety and productivity, and reduce wasted motion.
  • Organize the work area.

Set In Order A Vetter Way®

  • Keep only five things on your desk.
  • Break down everything in your office by subject (Categories) and store them together.
  • Keep tasks to work on only in your e-mail program, smartphone, and paper Action Category hanging folders.
  • Keep everything off of the floor and walls in your office.
  • Keep an open pathway to your desk.
  • Turn your desk away from the door and distractions.


3. Shine

  • Keep work areas, work surfaces, and equipment clean and free from dirt, debris, etc. which will result in a clean, more satisfying place to work, improve quality, and promote fewer accidents.
  • Clean the work area daily.

Shine A Vetter Way®

  • All loose paper goes into the desk Inbox.
  • Nothing goes on the desk surface other than five specified items.
  • Wipe out all drawers, shelves, and surfaces.


4. Standardize

  • Establish standard activities, procedures, schedules, and people responsible for helping keep the work place clean and organized.
  • Implement best practices.

Standardize A Vetter Way®

  • Quiet Time (20% of your workday, uninterrupted, and spent on very important tasks).
  • Information flow (information flows the same way at the same three times daily).
  • Standardize your information storage system (filing system).
  • Information storage
        o Shared drive.
        o My Documents.
        o Central file.
        o Library.
  • E-mail template.
  • Desk set-up.
  • Use the same work system model everywhere including your paper and electronic files.


5. Sustain

  • Drive the organization to be disciplined in maintaining these new standards and procedures and to continuously improve the state of the workplace.
  • Monitor performance.

Sustain A Vetter Way®

  • Process information three times a day.
  • Produce work three times per day.
  • Once a week go through all of your Action files in your e-mail program and file drawer and prioritize them.
  • Batch similar activities and work on them during the same times.
  • Spend 20% of your day in a Quiet Time (QT) working on your most important tasks.
  • Create work processes for all of your repeated tasks.

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