Tip 177. Use yellow manila folders for paperwork to work on when traveling.

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When traveling, do you use the same paper system you use when working in your office?

One of the goals of the A Vetter Way® system is to use the same work system whether you are at the office, at home, or on the road. Both electronically and with paper.

Your electronic (e-mail, smartphone, computer) files and paper files all need to be aligned. Use the same four Action Categories:

Batched (Similar items);
Calendar (Can only do on a specific date);
Projects (A series of steps);
To Do (Important tasks) when you are on the road working with paper.

Print the name of each of the four Action Categories on a separate yellow manila folder. That way, when you travel, you can grab any paper work you want to take along from your four paper Action Categories. Simply pull the work from the same four Action Category (yellow) hanging folders you have in your office.
Sometimes same is good.

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