Tip 178. Pack a box for each specific area when you move.

Tip 178. Pack a box for each specific area when you move.

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Remember your last move? Or maybe you‘d rather not. After moving, did you discover you had packed more stuff than you had space for in your new location? Not having the space, did the boxes just kind of sit unpacked for a while? Are they still sitting? Stella!

The next time you move, scope out your new location listing all rooms and storage places. Then break down each room with the specific area that you will be storing stuff in, such as the closet, a shelf, or a drawer. Start with your Master Bedroom. Think about the furniture and drawers. Now the closet, shelves and racks. What will go into each of them?

The goal is to come up with a box for each specific shelf, drawer or area. You will need to guesstimate the number of boxes needed for new areas that you didn’t have in your old location. Use the labeling formula: Room/Area/Specific space to identify each box. An example would be: Master Bedroom/Bureau/Top two drawers.

Every box that you move will be labeled with the Room/Area/Specific space it will go into. When you move, simply put each labeled box into its designated room. Open and unload the boxes into their specified area. A perfect fit. Now how did that happen?

Say hello to George and Weezy when you move on up.

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