Tip 179. Eliminate having to drive in bad traffic.

Tip 179. Eliminate having to drive in bad traffic.

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Are you tired of fighting more and more traffic every day?

Take this quiz to see how you can improve your morning drive. How many do you do?

1. Driving and staying in the left lane instead of using it to pass. (The left lane, believe it or not, is for passing only.)

2. Cutting in front of another car without using your blinker. (Or use your blinker and cut in rather quickly.)

3. Text or check your smartphone while driving. (Make note to self: Mobile use is now the leading cause of death behind the wheel.)

4. Attempt to make a yellow light and don’t make it. (It is called running a red light.)

5. Force your way onto the interstate. Expect the cars that are already driving on it to yield to you. Worse, think you have the right of way. (Uh-oh. You don’t.)

6. Wait in the middle of an intersection to turn and then after all of the other cars drive through at the last moment (that are trying to make a yellow light), turn after the light turns red. By the way, this holds up all of the traffic that has a green light the other way. (Add three points for this one.)

7. Leave a large space in front of you at a stoplight so as not to crash into the car in front of you while you check your smartphone. (The guy at the end of the line doesn’t have a chance of making the light.)

8. When a truck is stopped or parked in your lane and you need to drive around it, don’t wait in your lane until the traffic in the other lane that has the right of way drives through. Rather, gun it and make them wait. (Oh wait. Did you cross over a yellow line?)

9. Drive to the beginning of a long line of cars that are queued up to exit, rather than to the back or end of the line. Then, when someone doesn’t let you in, get upset with them, and then aggressively force your way in. Meanwhile you are holding up everyone behind you in your lane. (Add two points for this one.)

10. Never, ever wave Thank You when someone lets you in. This is the Age of Entitlement, isn’t it? (Now you know why no one will let you in.)

Score your yesses:

1–3 Yeses: It will be a good to normal ride.
4–5 Yeses: It is going to be a bad traffic day.
6 + Yeses: Do the world a favor and take the bus.

As Pogo said years ago: “We have met the enemy and he is us.” So what kind of drive are you planning on having today?

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