Tip 59. Open your Windows Explorer.

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Do you know the difference between Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer? Besides the first word? Many people think they are the same. They aren’t close.

Internet Explorer (as does Google Chrome) allows you to get onto the Internet. Windows Explorer allows you to find files and folders in seconds by seeing an outline of the programs and folders in your computer. It is kind of like a two dimensional file drawer. It is an ideal place to store information you want to keep and refer to—away from all of your Action stuff.

Here is how to open Windows Explorer in Windows 7:

  1. On the bottom of your screen, go to the multicolored circle on the far left side of your Taskbar.
  2. Right click the circle.
  3. A drop down menu which goes up appears.
  4. Left click Open Windows Explorer.
  5. Windows Explorer opens up.

Your job is to find one directory to house all of your information in which should be My Documents (or a shared drive if you use one).

In the left window towards the top of the screen, look for an icon that has Desktop next to it. Under that will be a few folders such as Libraries, then under that, Documents, and under that, My Documents.

Double click My Documents. This is where you will be creating your twelve (or fewer) folders (Support Category) and storing your information.

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