Tip 68. Stop with the lists.

Tip 68. Stop with the lists.

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Do you use paper To-Do lists?

If so, take the following quiz. Give yourself a point for each one that you use, or have used.

  • Assorted commercially produced, multicolored to do list pads.
  • Hotel to do list pads.
  • Matchbook covers.
  • Sugar packets.
  • Napkins.
  • The back of old notebooks.
  • Pages in books.
  • Pages in brand new books.
  • Pages with no books.
  • Pages that have never even seen a book.
  • Newspapers. (Never the sports section, please!)
  • Legal pads.
  • Letter size pads.
  • Pizza boxes.
  • Back of business cards.
  • Index cards.
  • Pieces from cardboard boxes.
  • Assorted scraps of different sizes of paper.
  • Backs of checks.
  • Deposit slips.

1–3        You are very Conservation minded. Smokey the Bear would like to meet you.

4–6        You are pretty normal.

7–14      A restraining order to stay away from all paper will soon be sent to you.

15–20    You have just helped the Giant Redwood Trees to become an endangered species.

Do you see a pattern here? In other words, some people think that anything that can be written on or torn off that is handy, can be used as a to-do list.

Perish the thought that one would be organized enough to have the same thing to write on each time such as a 3 x 5 card which is simple, light, easy to carry, fits into a pocket, or appointment book and is mobile.

Choose one…and only one.

♫ Start shredding the lists. I’m leaving tonight. ♫

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