Tip 71. Think Assembly Line when you work.

Tip 71. Think Assembly Line when you work.

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Do you run your washing machine for only one item? Of course not! Guys know the correct way is to pack their machine with every piece of clothing they own so it hardly turns. Now that’s being productive! Kidding!

Today if you work on tasks as they pop up, you are probably interrupting yourself every two minutes. Think of how many times during the day that you make just one call, or e-mail only one person rather than bunching your calls, or doing your e-mails at the same time.

The Action Category called Batched is a place in your e-mail program that allows you to drag and store similar tasks that can be worked on at the same time. File examples are: Call; Prospects; Read; Talk with; Pay; E-mail; Data entry (Type); Left Message, and Reply.

Running to the copy machine ten times a day is great exercise but doesn’t enhance your productivity. Going once or twice does.

How long would a factory stay in business if it didn’t use an assembly line?

How long will you stay in business if you don’t?

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