Tip 80. Tasks which are too big to do can be made into Projects.

Tip 80. Tasks which are too big to do can be made into Projects.

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What is a Project anyway (besides something you never want to do)?

A Project is simply a large task that you can’t get done at one sitting. This is especially true if you work with others and get to go to those fun meetings and endlessly discuss irrelevant topics.

Projects that can be done at one sitting are called To Do’s. You are able to get To Do’s done because they are smaller and quicker than Projects.

A Project is made up of a Guide Sheet and a bunch of Step sheets. The Guide Sheet gives you an overall view of what needs to be done; it is where you work from. A Guide Sheet will have a numbered list of all of the tasks (Steps) you need to do to complete the Project.

You need to create a Step sheet for every Step on your Guide Sheet. Each Step sheet is what enables you to work on only one Step at a time. When you are done with a Step, check it off of the Guide Sheet, and then work on the next Step. Eventually you will get all of the Steps done.

Many years ago when I was a Social worker, the following was sent in: “My husband recently had his project cutoff and I haven’t had any relief since.”

Whatever you do, don’t allow your Project to get cut off. If you work on only one Step at a time, I can guarantee it won’t.


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